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Sednove and the new identity of Handicap International

Handicap International presented on January 24th its new identity, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), as well as its new logo, an extended hand which became its new emblem. This project, carried out by Cossette, creatively demonstrates HI's 35 years history: inclusion of vulnerable people - particularly people with disabilities - in the humanitarian response.
To support this transition, Humanity & Inclusion launched in parallel its new web management approach with the creation and launch of its 'websites factory': a technological ecosystem that includes both the Federation site and those of six national associations in Germany, England, Canada, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. To achieve this ambitious project in less than 12 weeks, HI has selected Sednove.
Once again, Sednove’s team has demonstrated prowess and creativity to deliver this innovative project on time. In addition to the tight deadlines, HI wanted a powerful tool for its websites users and a maximum of flexibility for its teams in managing and updating content. Thus, it is now possible for them to easily and bidirectionally transfer content between the seven different sites.
This is Sednove's third HI project after Hizy, a digital platform for people with special needs and their caregivers, and Déclic, a platform that offers informative products, guides, educational games, and books for children with learning difficulties.