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In this precarious period, our mission is to help you adapt your business quickly and efficiently with our digital solutions.

Tailor-made business solutions

We design your needs. Whether it is to allow your business to quickly adapt to the state of crisis that we are currently experiencing or to improve your business logistics already in place, we can help you achieve your expectations quickly. At Sednove, your technological challenge is our expertise. Whether it is to create a management system for your employees or to automate your operations, we will build with you a tailor-made system in record time.

Custom dashboard

Do not lose sight of your business activities, analyze the different components of your business structure, or automate it with an intelligent dashboard adapted to your specific needs. At Sednove, we listen to your expectations and your mission. We will develop a dashboard so that your computerized system is the most efficient for your success.

Interconnection of your systems

Are you using various programs to accomplish the daily tasks of your business (email manager, payment control, inventories, website, cms)? We can interconnect, automate and document all your tools so that you can have a single management center for all of your needs.

B2B solutions

Ease the communication with your customers and equip yourself with cutting-edge technology to offer competitive service. If your business grows, everything is under control. The scalability and security of your business is at the center of our interests and our expertise.

Mobile apps

We use the latest PWA technology which reduces development costs


Highly secure and tailor-made according to your company's expectations

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