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Bio Pro

BioPro is an innovative company offering ecological solutions, hoping to market itself as the single-point source for all wastewater treatments. In addition to wastewater treatments, BioPro offers a variety of environmentally responsible microbial products such as fertilizers, anti-odor products and more.

In order to support its growth and have an optimal online presence, BioPro needed to redesign its website entirely. Thanks to Sednove they replaced their one-pager site with a whole new platform that corresponds to BioPro’s ambitions and international presence.

Performance wise, BioPro opted for an Extenso® digital platform, being a flexible application for B2B and B2C web projects. The company now has an easy and accessible tool for all its customers. Their own team can now easily manage the product catalogue available on its website through Extenso. The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy was also updated, and structured carefully. In other words, this is a key in hand solution giving 100% of the control to the company.

Sednove’s design team also re-branded BioPro’s image completely, giving it a fresh new logo and aesthetic while remaining faithful to its core brand identity and adapted to its international business direction.