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100 times faster than WordPress, 50 times faster
than PHP


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Performance, Security, Evolution


Discover the unique Extenso 5 open programming system.

V.5 Extenso is the result of 15 years of research and development supported by the NRC and the tax credit program for R & D.

Extenso enables us to develop customized applications, and adjust them to your needs rather than impose the mold of existing software with SNcode, a compiler language written for the web.

Extenso 5 is the first software focusing specifically on the web's sustainability thus ensuring highly performing, secure and scalable results.


Optimal browsing experience


Maximum protection


Editing directly on page

Extenso is also:

  • Full autonomy in managing your site or application
  • A much more powerful product allowing power savings in servers
  • A powerful compiler language that is web specific and secured
  • A programming system allowing you to avoid coding errors, operate in and out the web, perform complex operations and make changes quickly
  • A generator: databases, CMS, web pages and mobile code, forms, files of all kinds (xml, json, html, pdf, excel, rtf, csv, jpeg, gif, flash).



Discover our Widgets, a range of functions to add, move or remove to suit your evolution.

Staging / production

Work on your content in staging mode, then deploy them online in one click.


Create your layout using adaptable rows and columns, or use our customized templates.

Prepublished pages

Improve browsing with reduced loading times thanks to prepublishing.


Build a site in several languages; at the outset or later on, you will achieve it in one click.


Give access to multiple content managers of different levels of permission, as required.

Convincing results

Discover a few of our successful solutions

Improving the service to retailers

Pooled data of a pan-Canadian products distributor for the creation of a mega web catalog made available to more than 500 independent retailers. The application has increased both product visibility and sales. It also allows access to advertising materials and specifications for the many different products. Everything is customized and branded by means of predefined templates integrated into the tool.

Facilitating the development of stores related to a brand

First, setting up a basic website to sell the concept of the company, then developing microsites for each store created. The application allows the management of graphics standards, access to stationery and branded clothing, as well as carrying different customized marketing tools (video, audio, print).

Optimizing a loan service

Process automation for a financial institution wishing to optimize their loan service. The application is equipped with a dashboard made available to all stakeholders, enabling to collect, verify and analyze data of applicants, carry out the accounting processes and business transactions (deposits, etc.), and reduce the use of paper.


  • 2-parts Intranet, social and corporate, to strengthen the sense of belonging and community within a large company;
  • Website allowing online prescriptions renewal;
  • Collection system connecting the banking institution, collection agency, creditor client and payer;
  • Mobile and web interface for ordering, dispatching and rapidly and effectively delivering with the geolocator;
  • Job posting, test and resume management system to optimize the recruitment process within a large organisation.



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