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Product Owner - Product Management

At Sednove, we believe in equity, diversity and inclusion. We're committed to welcoming, respecting and valuing people for who they are as individuals, learning from their differences, embracing their uniqueness, and providing a positive workplace for all. At Sednove, we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We believe our teams should reflect the diversity of the members, clients and communities we serve.

Who we are

Sednove, which means "new way" in Latin, is a technology company that was founded in 1997 by two computer scientists, Pierre Laplante and Chantal Bilodeau. The multinational group Platinum acquired Sednove in 2021 to increase its control over the development and quality of its software applications used around the world.  Platinum System is a global leader in chiropractic software.  

Sednove develops software web-based applications and websites for clients in various sectors such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, government, automotive, health, academia, and the fashion industry. We have three main products: Platinum 2.0 our Chiropractic EHR system, Glassbooking intended for the glass repair shops and KontactPay which is our credit card and ACH payment platform. 

The company invests in research, development, and innovation in order to continue to evolve its Extenso product, which is a web development environment that integrates a content management system. Thanks to this platform, which combines no-code / low-code / code and performance, the development of web solutions is very fast and dynamic.

Over the years, Sednove has assembled a team of specialists in all facets of the web who actively contribute to its success.

Job Description

As a Product Owner - Product management, your role is to design, implement and manage a line of high-performing web-based softwares (products) that meet the needs of clients. You are responsible for developing, pricing, improving, testing, and implementing the products offered, based on the needs of members, clients and in line with market trends and Sednove target position.

You make recommendations on the development and execution of strategic initiatives with a very high degree of operational and conceptual complexity. You develop and recommend business directions and positions for the products you are responsible for.

This requires analytical skills and comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the line of business and the organization.

You interact with a very large number of stakeholders working in other fields and advise decision-making bodies about improvements to the product line.

Main Responsibilities

  • Identify and make improvements to the product offer based on client needs, business priorities and market developments, in the context of multidisciplinary projects of a strategic scope
  • Define an innovative and engaging target vision for the product line and create the mid- to long-term roadmap in line with the organization's strategic priorities
  • Monitor the competition and market developments, target opportunities to develop the offer, anticipate business impacts and establish and implement strategies
  • Provide leadership in defining the product's directions and represent the target client experience for the the value-added services offered by the product line
  • Perform sound management of the operational and financial risks associated with the product offer and develop recommendations that could lead to a business position
  • Establish and develop frameworks to make sure that the product line complies with laws and regulations and make recommendations to the decision-making bodies
  • Represent the team’s position to the decision-making bodies and senior management, partners or external organizations.
  • Write the tickets for developers
  • Write the test plans.

Other Working Conditions

  • Workplace: Position located in Montreal or the surroundings, depending on the applicant selected. The work arrangement for the position is hybrid work


  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent experience

What you bring

  • 3+ years experience in a Product Owner or Business Analyst role.
  • Experience years working in an Agile/DevOps environment.
  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Excellent collaborative and problem-solving aptitude.

Nice to have

  • Scrum Master certification level.
  • Experience in Insurance, Medical or Financial Services industries.
  • Experience working with UI/UX designers.
  • Experience working in a CI/CD environment.
  • Bilingual.

If you are interested, please share your CV with us.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted

Please note that other combinations of qualifications and relevant experience may be considered

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