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  • QuipoQuiz is Getting a Makeover

    In collaboration with espresso communication and Studio Quipo teams, Sednove helped create a new quiz website, QuipoQuiz.

    Published : 20 December 2018 | 2039 Vists
  • Movie Trailers Service

    The Movie Trailers Service website is a portal linking film distributors and cinema operators.

    Published : 19 November 2018 | 1554 Vists
  • Dreeven

    Dreeven is a collaborative platform solution created to simplify the management of construction site events.

    Published : 06 November 2018 | 1579 Vists
  • CN Employees' and Pensioners' Community Fund

    The CN Employees' and Pentioners' Community Fund worked together with Sednove to migrate to the 6th & latest version of Extenso to date. 

    Published : 03 October 2018 | 1467 Vists
  • Port of Montréal: Trading with the world

    The Port of Montreal website is an informative and visually stimulating platform explaining how the Port works and all of its advantages.

    Published : 18 September 2018 | 1598 Vists
  • DESIGN WEB – extenso : le pouvoir aux utilisateurs. (French version only)

    Abolir la frontière entre ce qu'on peut faire aujourd'hui et ce qu'on fera demain. Rendre le Web accessible à tout le monde. Voilà la mission d'extenso, une solution web démocratique, facile à employer, rapide, sécurisée et évolutive.

    Published : 06 September 2018 | 1441 Vists
  • Extenso : une solution web d’avenir

    Sednove continue le développement de sa technologie web en offrant une version 6 de sa plateforme extenso. À ce jour, plus de 2500 sites et applications ont été créés avec extenso.

    Published : 03 September 2018 | 1446 Vists
  • Notio Konect

    Notio Konect is a high-tech product launched by Argon 18 that calculates, measures and collects a range of valuable data to assess cyclist performance.

    Published : 13 July 2018 | 1671 Vists

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