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Air Canada

Air Canada International Advertising ExtranetThis site gives you instant access to the marketing tools you need to create advertising that is in keeping with the tone and manner of Air Canada’s worldwide communications. Within this easy-to-use site, you’ll find clear guidelines, ad templates and corporate images, which will help you create ads that are specific to your market and in line with Air Canada’s reputation for providing choice, convenience and cost-effective air travel. So get on board...and let your creativity take flight

Air Canada project consists in establishing an Intranet that allows all participants to exchange diverse marketing documents.

The site is developed with the help of Extenso software in collaboration with Marketel.

The site allows downloading of documents in different formats (jpeg, gif, pdg, etc.) and allows to transfer notices to the people in charge by e-mail.  As soon as there’s a user who wants to open a new account, an e-mail is transmitted to the person in charge who has to approve or refuse access to a new account.

This site is use in many countries where Air Canada has its offices.