Branding and logo redesign

  • Graphic standards
  • Graphic illustrations for the Mediafilm Plus services
  • Stationary
  • Mediafilm leaflet for educational institutions
  • Banners
  • Promotional tools, movie pages and printed exercises for Cinécole

As a division of Communications et Société, is the first North American provider of cinema content in French. Their mission: to promote film knowledge while fostering the development of critical thinking of audiences.


  • Outdated logo
  • Branding inconsistency throughout signatures
  • Lack of momentum and visibility


  • Create a corporate image and standardize the visual elements
  • Tools providing information and enabling to take part in public activities
  • Create interest and tickle users’ curiosity to increase the list of subscribers

Trailer for «Les Cotes» (ratings) showing the personality of each one of them

Websites redesign

  • Overall makeover
  • Mediafilm website
  • Access to subscribers
  • Intranet
  • Mediafilm trailer
    • Cinécole trailer

Managing a collection of documents linked to more than 70,000 cinema works and making them available daily to all provincial newspapers: a colossal task wouldn’t you say?


  • The website’s design is non responsive
  • Access to other services non visible
  • Database not digitalized


  • Website redesign for a responsive layout in order to reach pad users
  • Visible access in the menu, increased interactivity, easier access to subscription
  • Digital database

CinÉcole trailer

+10 %
10% increase of traffic on website within the first month
+ clients
20% + individual subscribers and 100% + institutional ones
+50 %
50% increase in overall revenues related to the site and pad platform

« Before this major remodelling, we had some difficulty defining ourselves clearly and expressing who we are. Through Sednove's active listening and insightful response we found clarity and harmony, probably for the first time in our history. »

— Martin Bilodeau, Chief Editor at Mediafilm