Cinémas Beaubien and du Parc


  • Custom typography
  • Graphical standards
  • Illustrations for branding
  • Stationery

In 2016, Cinéma Beaubien was 15 years old and Cinéma du Parc was 10 years old. These two Montréal institutions, administered by the same corporation, show independant movies in both languages. It was time to harmonize their image brands.


  • Artistic direction and incompatible visual signatures.
  • Outdated logos.
  • Stagnant reputation.


  • To unify the visuals by creating a joint and dynamic image brand, capable of encompassing the specificities of each of the two institutions.
  • Create tools to apply the brands image to a wide range of media.
  • Increase the reputation and attendance of both institutions.



Overall project

Connection to an external ticketing system

Connection to Mediafilm content


  • Highlight inspirational programming from both institutions.

  • Create a natural digital bridge to in-theatre experience.

  • Bring together two reputable institutions on a single management platform to optimize performance on the web.

Issues and challenges

  • Make the site responsive (tablet and phone)
  • Making navigation simple and intuitive
  • Enable content management in a single CMS
  • Increase the security level of the site (the former, edited in Wordpress, was often hacked)

The solutions

  • Website redesign to meet current and future needs
  • Responsive for phone, tablets and personnal computers
  • Online Tickets
  • Schedule in foreground
  • Custom Calendar
  • Completely redesigned navigation and experience
  • Increased level of safety beyond industry standards
  • Connecting the CMS to external resources (via APIs)

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