Branding and logo design

  • Signature logo
  • Corporate brochure
  • Promotional leaflet
  • Information card on regional services
  • Posters with testimonials
  • Thumbnail signature logo printed on electrostatic

CAMO wants to raise awareness about Mégantic region’s potential and help local businesses attract and retain a specialized workforce.


  • Attract the next generation and create employment
  • Attract a specialized workforce
  • Highlight the quality of life in the region
  • Convince future residents to choose Mégantic despite its distance


  • Elaborate a seduction campaign valuing human beings and showing what the region has to offer to residents
  • Develop printed tools to support the web campaign
  • Communicate information about the essential services for work and leisure
  • Create an information kit to be handed over by employers

Choosing the Mégantic region

Responsive website

  • Reach the people seeking information on living in a remote region and its specialized jobs
  • Highlight the Mégantic Region and help future residents become part of it
  • Optimize the website for search engines
  • Create a newsletter system that is branded, versatile and easy to use


  • Increase Mégantic’s visibility and provide information on specialized jobs
  • Provide a powerful search engine
  • Connect with employers
  • Welcome new residents and facilitate their integration
  • Offer a variety of photos, videos and testimonials
  • Have access to marketing analysis tools to help target follow-ups


  • Responsive website targetting the 18-55 year olds
  • Interactive home page with map of region showing the primary services
  • Awareness videos describing the region through testimonials       
  • Newsletter to support the seduction campaign
  • Links to services accross the region
  • Ad section with promotional banners for partners
  • Extenso CMS to facilitate the addition of new videos and updating of online content
  • Video shooting (of general information and testimonials)
  • SEO
  • Social networks strategy

The site has reached the amount of 2,745 users in 6 days
+200 <3
In one week, The Mégantic Region's Facebook page has collected more than 200 Likes
After a week, a total of 1,565 clicks were recorded for all 7 videos online

« We enjoyed Sednove's support in carrying out this important project for our region. We worked together with the team as they advised us, both creatively and technically. The positive feedback we now receive reflects the quality of their work. We are very proud of the results. »

— Ginette Isabel, Head of CAMO Mégantic Region