À la carte express

À la carte express — Web Brigad Application

Design and programming of an application allowing ALCE to take orders on behalf of over a hundred restaurants, then forward those orders to each one of them and ensure delivery, tracking and payment on mobile unit.

Website redesign requirements

  • Versatile interface for the use of the site administrator, the restaurant’s clerk, the deliveryman and the customer
  • Rapid order management
  • Geolocation tool (by postal code) to sort out available restaurants in the customer’s area
  • Secure site


  • Website unsuited to the new realities of multiplatform web
  • Systemic delays in managing and tracking orders
  • Urgent need to double the speed of the system


  • Complete overhaul of website to adapt to tablet and mobile formats (responsive)
  • Design of an Intranet for document exchange with partners
  • Installation of Extenso CMS, easier to use thus allowing rapid updating of online content

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